Our Bells and Whistles program is the easiest among the fundraising features of our program. Our staff runs it for you and it works on both the website and mobile app.

Another effective method of raising funds for your school is to sell ad space on your website and/or mobile app.  Our program has the feature built in to both platforms.

Your local merchants crave for the attention of the audience you have.  That is the parents of the children that go to your school.  Because of the interaction that our program creates between your parents, your mobile app and your website, you have ad space that is in great demand.

We have seen ad space sell for ten to fifty dollars in many locations and we have also seen ad space sell for thousands of dollars.  How much you can earn depends mostly on your geographic location, who is selling and who your best targets are.

Ads will appear on your website, on your mobile app and in the email blast that comes with the website.  Considering the amount of interaction that goes on between parents and their devices and our Bells and Whistles fundraising program, selling advertising space should be a lucrative feature that you can take advantage of…and especially on the app.

School Directory App Advertising

Sell Premium Ad Space On The App

Our app even has a feature that will display ads in the app at random times.  These are ads that the user can’t miss.  While some may find it distracting, others may find it as another method of raising funds for your group…and at a higher rate that your local merchants may be willing to pay for.  This is an optional but very effective fundraising feature for the app.
Watch Donations Soar

When parents tap this button on the app they can easily make a donation to your school. After making the donation, a suite of fun app features will become available to them.

Make Donations Appealing

Give Donors Something They Will Enjoy

Create a Buzz That Will Lead To More Donations

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Did You Know

Our fundraising program is
1. Educational
2. Challenging
3. Fun
4. For parents, teachers and students
5. Web and mobile enabled
6. Run by our staff
7. Going to surprise you

Find out how our Bells and Whistles Fundraising Program will raise more funds for your school than you might think. Be sure to Contact us.