You will easily raise funds for your school with our Bells and Whistles program.  Easily because you do not have any work to do.

Bells and Whistles is a website and mobile app feature that will motivate parents.  It will foster learning and will significantly increase participation among parents, students, teachers and staff.  Everyone will be actively involved.  Not only will you raise funds, students will be challenged and a positive spirit will permeate throughout your school.

Bells and Whistles runs on the website we give you and also on the mobile app that we give you.

It is a series of interactive features we have added to our program that will keep bringing parents back to your website and also to the mobile app.  These are features that everyone will enjoy participating in.  Students will be talking about it at school.  Parents will participate because they will want to and also because their students will be asking them to.

Teachers will quickly see how they can participate in a way that will positively impact their students.  Staff members will quickly catch on and want to be part of the fun.

How Does It Work?

At this point you are likely wondering how we do it.  Well, we need to be somewhat discreet about it and not let the entire internet know, so you will have to contact us.  Once you do, we will explain it over the phone while showing you in an online demo.  Within minutes you will understand and realize that you can’t go wrong raising funds with a Paperless PTO website or mobile app.

The fundraising features of our program are self-perpetuating.  This means that once it starts with your school, it will generate momentum that keeps building.  Think of the snowball rolling down the mountain that picks up speed and keeps growing.  Once our fundraising program kicks into gear for your school, it will not stop.

There are no gimmicks.  If your school benefits, we benefit.  It is in our best interest to ensure that you benefit.

Contacting us is very easy.  You will wind up with a very pleasant conversation and will likely realize you have found a great program in Paperless PTO.

Watch Donations Soar

When parents tap this button on the app they can easily make a donation to your school. After making the donation, a suite of fun app features will become available to them.

Make Donations Appealing

Give Donors Something They Will Enjoy

Create a Buzz That Will Lead To More Donations

Learn More
Did You Know

Our fundraising program is
1. Educational
2. Challenging
3. Fun
4. For parents, teachers and students
5. Web and mobile enabled
6. Run by our staff
7. Going to surprise you

Find out how our Bells and Whistles Fundraising Program will raise more funds for your school than you might think. Be sure to Contact us.