Motivate Parents, Challenge Students and Foster Learning While Raising Funds For Your School

Fundraising School Directory App

Directory App That Inspires Parents, Enlightens Students and Does Wonders For Your School

Contacts, Calendars, Alerts, Shopping Cart, Volunteers and much more

  • View and search directories by family, student, teacher, staff and classroom
  • Give parents, teachers and staff the ability to synchronize contacts and calendars
  • Send and receive alerts for any school activity
  • Allow parents to purchase membership, lunches, spirit wear or any other item your school sells
  • Enable volunteering for events

Effective Fundraising Features

  • The app has many more features that will drive parents, students and teachers to use it again and again
  • These features, which will quickly raise funds for your school, are part of our Bells and Whistles program
  • Let us show you how it works in a free online demo

Educate and Challenge Students

  • The app will challenge and educate students several times each week
  • Parents and teachers will be able to creatively contribute to student learning
  • A fun, illuminating environment will permeate all year long

Finally, an easy way to keep all of your parents involved. 

No effort is needed from your school.

Rated 4+ in the App Store.

Schedule a free online demo by Feb 28 and receive 25% off if you eventually order.

Refer another school and save 50% more.

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Watch Donations Soar

When parents tap this button on the app they can easily make a donation to your school. After making the donation, a suite of fun app features will become available to them.

Make Donations Appealing

Give Donors Something They Will Enjoy

Create a Buzz That Will Lead To More Donations

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Did You Know

Our fundraising program is
1. Educational
2. Challenging
3. Fun
4. For parents, teachers and students
5. Web and mobile enabled
6. Run by our staff
7. Going to surprise you

Find out how our Bells and Whistles Fundraising Program will raise more funds for your school than you might think. Be sure to Contact us.