Here is a summary of some of main features and benefits that our mobile app comes with.  We are always working to improve the app and add more features to it so that your PTO, PTA or school parent teacher group will benefit.  Since more and more people are relying on their devices for all kinds of every day tasks, our never ending goal is to continue to enhance the app and add new features to it.

Numerous Directories

The mobile app has an entire page dedicated to directories.  Among them are:
  • student directory
  • family directory
  • staff directory
  • teacher directory
  • classroom directory
  • searchable directory by name

Directory App


Directory Updates

Each person that has activated the app can update their directory profile and their student profile from the app.  These updates are then immediately visible to everyone else in the directory.  The updates are also immediately visible on the website.

Contact Groups

Contact groups are what you can consider personal directories. The app will allow you to create a group of contacts, give it a name and then add anyone from the full directory to your contact group.

You can create multiple groups and can even add the same person to more than one group.

This feature is also available on the website you receive with our program.

Synchronization of Directory Contacts

The app gives users the ability to synchronize your directory contacts to your personal contacts on all of your devices. Simply find a directory contact and tap the sync button. That contact will then be added to your personal contacts. If an update is made to the contact in the directory, it will automatically be synchronized to your personal contacts.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart will allow app users to make purchases of any item for sale that your school has made available. Simply add the item to your cart by tapping and then checkout. Once you make your payment, the item is yours.

Anything that involves a financial transaction between a parent and your PTO, PTA or school parent teacher group can be purchased from the shopping cart. Examples are membership dues, lunches, spirit wear, tickets to events, enrichment classes and much more.

The same shopping cart can be found on the website portion of our program as well. As a matter of fact, if you add an item for sale to your shopping cart from the app, you can then go the website and find it in your shopping cart there.

Order History

The order history or My Orders feature will display all orders that the device holder has placed from the app or from the website.  All details of each order are visible including quantities, prices, descriptions and total amounts.

If an order has not yet been paid for, the device holder can simply tap on the order and make their payment from the app.


Volunteering can be enabled on the app for any calendar events you have scheduled throughout the year. Each event can also be setup with roles and time slots for parents to volunteer for.

An example would be a car wash. You can setup volunteering for the car wash and add roles such as washers, driers and money collectors. Each of those roles can then be broken down into several time slots. This allows people to share responsibilities for the event.

The volunteering feature of our program is both web enabled and mobile enabled. This means you can volunteer from either the website or the app.

School Directory App Alerts

Alerts and Push Notices

When alerts are sent to the app, the device holder will receive a notice about the alert and will then have to either view the alert or dismiss it. Once they take either of these actions, it will no longer pop up. It will still be visible if they tap the Alerts icon from the home page.

Alerts can be created for several types of actions:
  • when an email blast is sent
  • when a text blast is sent
  • when an event has been added to the calendar
  • when an item for sale is available for purchase
  • when a document has been uploaded to the website

Alerts are a highly effective method of reaching your parents and can also be sent as a push notice.  A push notice is the alert that appears on a person’s mobile device, usually with a ring tone or vibration.


Your website calendar is visible from the home page of the app. It lists your calendar events in chronological order. As noted above, alerts can be created for calendar events.

Synchronization of Calendar Events

The same concept applies to calendar events.  When you tap the Calendar icon on the home page of the app you will see a list of calendar events.  There is also a snyc button that can be tapped.  When it is, that calendar event will be synchronized to your personal calendar on all of your devices.  If a change is made to that calendar event, that change will automatically synchronize to your personal calendar on all of your devices..

School Lunches

Each PaperlessPTO website comes equipped with a lunch ordering feature that makes it easy for parents to place lunch orders for their students. Once a lunch order is placed, it appears in the Lunches section of the app. Parents will also receive alerts and push notices reminding them of the upcoming lunches for the week.

Email Blast History

The Email Blast feature of the app is an archive of all email blasts sent by your PTO, PTA or school parent teacher group. This feature is a counter action to the junk mail filters and spam folders that often prevent parents from receiving your email blasts.

Every single email blast that is sent will appear in the app. There are absolutely no email filters of any kind to get in the way so exactly 100% of the email blasts you send from your website will appear in the app.

Absent Notice

The Absent Notice feature allows a parent to send a quick note to the school letting them know that their student will not be in for the day.  The notice can be sent as an email or text to the homeroom teacher, the nurse, the principal or any other school staff member that the feature is enabled for.

Birthday Club

The Birthday Club is part of the Bells and Whistles program. It allows parents and students and teacher to share birthday wishes with other members in their PTO, PTA or school parent teacher organization.  Students really get a kick out of this feature.

Bells and Whistles

And of course there is the Bells and Whistles program. This is a fundraising feature that is very effective and will consistently raise funds for your PTO, PTA or school parent teacher organization. It is educational and challenging for students and will bring a true sense of camaraderie to all families.

Bells and Whistles is the one feature you do not want to be without. You do not have any work to do and it will raise funds for your school.
Watch Donations Soar

When parents tap this button on the app they can easily make a donation to your school. After making the donation, a suite of fun app features will become available to them.

Make Donations Appealing

Give Donors Something They Will Enjoy

Create a Buzz That Will Lead To More Donations

Learn More
Did You Know

Our fundraising program is
1. Educational
2. Challenging
3. Fun
4. For parents, teachers and students
5. Web and mobile enabled
6. Run by our staff
7. Going to surprise you

Find out how our Bells and Whistles Fundraising Program will raise more funds for your school than you might think. Be sure to Contact us.