Mobile App Overview

Our School Directory App is a tool that all of your families will benefit from since it includes many features that are built around your school directory.  Lists of families, students, teachers, staff, classrooms, grades and various combinations of each can easily be viewed.  While anyone from your school will be able to call, text, email and contact others in your directory, they will also be able to create their own contact groups and synchronize those contacts to all of their own devices.

The app has many other great features as well.

Much More Than Directories

The school directory app is actually much more than a fundraising directory app where you can also benefit from features such as:


Fundraising School Directory App
School Directory App that raises funds for your school


  • ordering from the shopping cart
  • volunteering for events, committees and classroom parents
  • updating your parent and student profiles
  • receiving alerts and push notices
  • tracking email and text blasts from your school
  • synchronizing directory contacts and calendar events to all of your devices
  • selling ad space on the app to your local merchants
  • viewing the school calendar
  • tracking your student lunches
  • sending an absent notice to your school, teacher, nurse and others if your student will not be in school for the day
  • plus so much more!


Effective Fundraising

The most popular feature of the school directory app is its built-in fundraising which has several components that will raise funds for your school.  The most effective is a program we call Bells and Whistles, and the best part is that you don’t have to do anything.  We run the entire Bells and Whistles program for you.  It is a very effective fundraising program that will educate and challenge students.  It will motivate parents and will be a great learning tool for teachers to use.

How It Works

How it works is something we would rather show you in an online demo.  If this does interest you, be sure to contact us to schedule time for an online walk through where you will learn exactly how it works.  The demo can be as quick as 10 minutes, or it can go much longer if you have more time.  The time you spend with us online is absolutely free, and you will certainly come away realizing how good our program will be for your school.

Educational, Challenging and Fun

Your entire school community will love the app as the fundraising features will be used by parents, students and even your teachers.  It will challenge students and create a learning environment that everyone will have fun with all year long.

Parent Participation Will Soar

Do you often struggle to get parents to participate in activities?  The Bells and Whistles program will jump start participation and keep it going for the entire school year.  Parents will be motivated to participate and stay involved and volunteer more.

Apple and Android

The school directory app runs on both Apple and Android devices.  You can subscribe to the app only, or you can subscribe to a package that includes the app and our website builder where you will quickly realize that the app and website are always in sync with each other.  Make an update like an email address change on one, and it will immediately be visible on the other.  It will also be immediately visible to everyone else that has access to your directory.

Learn More

The best way to learn more is to schedule an online demo where we can show you its features and also show you what is behind the Bells and Whistles fundraising program.  You can also view the list of features and benefits which will provide information for you.

Watch Donations Soar

When parents tap this button on the app they can easily make a donation to your school. After making the donation, a suite of fun app features will become available to them.

Make Donations Appealing

Give Donors Something They Will Enjoy

Create a Buzz That Will Lead To More Donations

Learn More
Did You Know

Our fundraising program is
1. Educational
2. Challenging
3. Fun
4. For parents, teachers and students
5. Web and mobile enabled
6. Run by our staff
7. Going to surprise you

Find out how our Bells and Whistles Fundraising Program will raise more funds for your school than you might think. Be sure to Contact us.