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  • Always In Snyc With Mobile App
  • No Technical Skills Required
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PTO School Directory App

The Paperless PTO now offers on the go access for the parents in your school community with the mobile directory app.

Call, text and email anyone in your school directory. View class lists, teacher details, board members lists and even your school's staff directory.

The school directory app runs on iPhone and Android smart phones.

It can be fully loaded with many more optional features including alerts, calendars, email blasts, text blasts and even the ability to order items for sale. Think about how easy it now will be to collect membership dues with a few simple taps on the directory app.

Fully Integrated With Or Without Your Website

The directory app can easily work as a stand alone app. If you have a membership list, we can quickly upload it to the app and your parents will immediately begin tapping away. However, one of the great benefits of the directory app is that it is always in sync with your Paperless PTO website. When you use The Paperless PTO to host your website as well, any updates to parents, students, teachers or other information on your website are immediately reflected in the app.

The Paperless PTO Directory App

For Android and iPhone Smartphones

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Very Affordable

The Paperless PTO Directory App will cost your group as little as $2.50 per device. Compare that to the cost of a directory book prepared by a professional printer and you will find savings, eco-friendly convenience and state of the art technology.

Your group can price it at any level you choose. You can also include it in your membership cost or as an independent item. Our program is extremely flexible.

Directory App Features

  • A complete directory listing that is always in sync with the directory on your website
  • A directory search by last name
  • The ability to call, text or email anyone in your directory
  • A classroom directory that allows you to contact some or all parents of that class
  • A board member directory that allows you to contact the entire board
  • A staff directory
  • A list of events that have been posted to your website calendar
  • A history of all email blasts sent to your parents with 100% guaranteed delivery - no SPAM filters to block messages
  • Instant alerts of events notifying parents about events, items for sale, email blasts, uploaded documents and more
  • If enabled, a security code that will need to be keyed in every time you start the app
  • Multiple directory listings – if you are a parent of more than one group that uses the Paperless PTO, your one directory app can hold each directory
  • Local merchant advertising – ads placed on your website will also appear in the app
  • Instant contact with help desk technical support
  • Ordering of items for sale
  • Sick Call - if your student wakes up under the weather, in one tap you can let the nurse and teacher know
  • Plus much more

  • Directory App Benefits

  • Minimal effort to launch
  • No more directory ommissions - additions, deletions and changes are up to the minute
  • No SPAM filters or junk mail folders to block your email blasts
  • Alerts cannot be missed
  • More cost effective than printed directories
  • Revenue generating features
  • Ever evolving new features at no additional cost

  • Learn How The Directory App Works


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    How The Directory App Works
    The directory app is downloadable from the Google Play Store and the iPhone app store. Users can install the app on their smart phone, however, a registration key will be required for the app to function. If the user has installed the app, but does not have a registration key they will not be able to use the app.

    The registration key for the app can only be obtained from your group’s Paperless PTO website. If you do not use our website hosting service, we will arrange to issue registration keys for your parents. To activate the app, the user will be required to enter their email address, website password and the registration key. If these three items do not match what has been issued from the website, the app will not be activated. If the three items are entered correctly, the app will begin to function properly.

    What Does Our Group Need To Do To Create Registration Keys
    Not much!  All of the work related to the directory app that goes on in the background will be performed by the Paperless PTO help desk. You will need to set the price of the registration key item for sale on the Manage Items For Sale page of the website builder of your Paperless PTO website. Our help desk is always available to help if you have any questions.

    How Do Parents Obtain Their Registration Key
    Registration keys will be associated with a directory app item for sale from your website. Parents will add the item to their shopping cart and complete the order. Once the order is paid for, a registration key will be generated and sent to the parent via email. It will also be displayed in their website account for future reference.

    How Much Will The Directory App Cost?
    The Directory App can cost your group as little as $2.50 per device. Our program allows you to decide if you want a single registration key to work on 1 or 2 devices. If you choose to allow it on 1 device, the cost is $5 per device. If you choose to allow a single registration key to work on 2 devices, the cost to your group is $2.50 per device. The beauty of our program is that you can price it at any level you wish. However, to generate revenue for your group it will need to be greater than $5.

    Please Explain Local Merchant Advertising.
    The local merchant advertising feature that each Paperless PTO website offers has been integrated into the directory app and also the email blast. Here is another robust way of generating revenue for your group. Ads that you sell to local merchants will appear on the website, in the directory app and also in the email blasts. This is great exposure for your local merchants that is a win-win scenario which will certainly give a significant boost to your group’s revenue.

    What Do We Do To Get Started?
    If you are new to our program or you are already a Paperless PTO customer, you can fill out the form above to contact us.

    Click here to contact us.

    A Paperless PTO website is already a tool that enables your parent teacher to conduct all of it business in one central locations. The Paperless PTO Directory App takes it one step further by bringing all of these great features to any Android or iPhone smartphone or tablet.

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